I. Nelson Rose Counters Tribe’s Bad Actor Constitutional Arguments

I Nelson Rose
By James Guill

Last month, Constitutional lawyer Laurence H. Tribe released an opinion that stated that the bad actor clauses in current California online poker legislation could be deemed unconstitutional. Gambling expert and Whittier Law School professor I. Nelson Rose recently took to print recently in a thorough rebuttal of Tribe’s position. Published in Gaming Law Review and [...]

California Card Clubs Send Letter to Lawmakers

By John Mehaffey

A letter was sent by 25 California card clubs to State Senator Lou Correa, Assemblyman Reggie Jones-Sawyer and members of the Government Organization Committees.  The letter showed support for regulated online poker in California under certain conditions.  The included the ability to reorganize ownership of interactive companies for a variety of reasons and proper rules [...]

Digging Deeper into the Santa Ysabel PrivateTable Poker Site

By John Mehaffey

The Santa Ysabel tribe in California announced that it will launch real money online poker in the near future.  The poker site is known as PrivateTable and is already live for play money games.  The tribe is using a legal position that concludes offering Class II games over the Internet is legal as the gaming [...]

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    Is Online Poker Legal in California 2014

    Are you interested in playing online poker in California but want to know the legality of online gaming?

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    By John Mehaffey

    AB 2291 Online Poker Bill

    Introduced by State Rep. Reggie Jones-Sawyer, California AB 2291 is favored by Indian tribes and would legalize online poker for tribes & cardrooms.

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    By John Mehaffey

    SB 1366 Online Poker Bill

    Introduced by Lou Correa, the bill is more detailed but very closely related bill to AB 2291. This bill would allow potential state compacts although forbids cash transactions.

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In February 2014, two online poker bills were announced.  SB 1366 would allow online poker only.  It includes a bad actor clause that would forbid any company from operating in the state if it took action from U.S. players after December 31, 2006.   AB 2291 is a similar bill.  One difference is that the bad actor clause was left open for future debate.

These bills have not received a committee hearing or any specific discussion.  On April 23, 2014, the California Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization held a hearing to discuss online poker.  Topics included the history of online poker in the U.S., testimony from executives involved in the regulated industry, as well as views from tribal and commercial gaming companies.

The hearing appeared to be a positive for the online poker industry.  One opponent of gambling in general was cut off from his speech.  Andy Abboud, VP of Government Affairs for Las Vegas Sands, had his company’s motives questioned by the committee.  All members of the committee that spoke appeared to be educated about the online poker industry.

Five bills in the past had been introduced but failed to pass in the California Legislature.  Those bills were the Internet Poker Consumer Protection Act of 2013, SB 51, SB 678, SB 1463, SB 40 and SB 45. These bills would have  legalized, regulated and taxed online poker in California.

California is currently struggling with massive debt and legalizing online poker would allow the state to potentially make more then 1 billion dollars over the next decade and create over 1,000 new jobs.

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