Amaya Gaming announced that it will be purchasing the Rational Group last month. David Baazov, President and CEO of Amaya, said to TheGlobeandMail that the company aims to penetrate the United States online gambling market. Baazov said that the company is particularly hopeful that California will legalize online gambling, because it represents the largest online gaming market in the country.

Baazov is already speaking with the Division of Gaming Enforcement to receive an online gambling license in New Jersey. Some experts believe that PokerStars may be allowed to offer its services in Nevada, despite the state’s bad actor’s clause. However, others feel that the company would be barred from participating even after the restructuring.
Amaya said that legalization in California would be beneficial, but not essential to make Amaya successful. However, the California market may become more important if PokerStars, Novomatic website Novomatic Slots and Full Tilt are denied licenses in Nevada or Classes are under the direction and supervision of qualified professional educators our staff are all current and former virtual high schoolachers. other states with strict bad actor clauses.

Baazov is confident that PokerStars will be given a clean slate and be allowed to reenter the U.S. gaming market after the merger is finalized. However, there is still a strong possibility that PokerStars will be barred from the California market. A coalition of tribes reached a consensus on an online gambling bill that would prohibit any brand, trademark or license involved in violating U.S. online gambling laws from offerings its services.

The new law may need to be revised before PokerStars or other companies that violated the UIGEA from receiving an online gaming license. Harvard Law Professor Laurence H. Tribe and other legal experts feel that the bad actor’s laws will need to be overturned. They argue that it violates the Fifth Amendment’s premise of innocence until proven guilty. If the Supreme Court agrees with Tribe, then PokerStars would have the opportunity to pursue an online gambling license in any jurisdiction it was regulated.

PokerStars history will probably continue to haunt it for the foreseeable future, but Baazov isn’t overly concerned. He said that Amaya will focus on growing the global gaming market, regardless of the issues Amaya faces in the United States.