Representatives from the California Attorney General’s Office stated that they intend to investigate a new online poker site for california players. The site is called Cafrino.com and was launched by two young entrepreneurs from Moorpark, a city in Ventura County.

The sites founders and attorney said that the site doesn’t violate any laws. The operators do not charge any fees and players don’t gamble for real money. However, the Attorney General’s office disagrees has said that it is going to be investigating the site more carefully. The site operates as a sweepstakes and prosecutors believe that it illegal for players to play online poker for anything of value.

Jonathan Aiwazian is one of the two cofounders of the Cafrino.com. He said that he has been looking for ways to give players an opportunity to win money from online gaming without violating any federal or state laws. His theory may be put to the test. If the state decides to prosecute the site, any court decision will set precedent for other sites in California.

Cafrino has become a very popular site already. Aiwazian expects about 500,000 hands of poker to be played within the first month of operation. A number of investment firms have shown an interest in the company. One investment firm has already fronted about $300,000 to help launch the site.

Nelson Rose is a law school professor in California. Rose said that the law is poorly written and has led to a previous attorney general misunderstanding the meaning of gambling. Rose said that a player isn’t gambling if they aren’t risking losing anything. Players who play poker for free aren’t gambling even if they have the opportunity to win something in return.

The Attorney General’s office will announce whether or not it will be proceeding with the case against Cafrino and whether any charges are likely to be filed.