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California lawmakers are currently considering whether they should legalize online poker. They are currently discussing a few more pressing issues, but experts believe they will discuss online poker legislation in the near future. Card rooms throughout the state may be opposed to certain aspects of the new legislation and are prepared to speak out against it according to the Sacbee blog.

There are nearly 90 card rooms scattered throughout California. These card rooms argue that they play a key role in the state economy and insist that the government take all reasonable measures to protect them. They have recently pooled resources and formed a new coalition called Communities for California Cardrooms. They will be lobbying against any legislation that threatens their respective businesses.

The new lobbying group may not necessarily be opposed to online poker. However, Austin Lee, a spokesman for Communities for California Cardrooms, said that the group will be looking at the issue carefully. Lee indicated that the card rooms haven’t taken a position on online poker yet, but they may have some reservations about it. They will need to see how online poker would impact visits to their businesses and how much revenue they could generate online.

The card rooms were part of the California Online Poker Association that dissolved last year. They wanted to ensure they would have their fair share of an online poker market if a bill was passed. Online poker may not the key motivator of the new group, but experts are sure that it will play a key factor in their lobbying efforts.

Lawmakers are more concerned about more urgent issues such as gay marriage, the budget and immigration. Poker will probably take a backseat while those issues are resolved. However, most experts predict that online poker legislation will be an important issue in the near future. The card rooms, tribal casinos and other stakeholders are expected to continue lobbying in the interim.


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