The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act states that Native American tribes are only allowed to build casinos on their own land. The North Fork tribe has filed an exception to that rule. They are requesting permission to build a casino in Madera, which is located nearly 50 miles from their tribe. Many citizens were upset with the new proposal and submitted hundreds of thousands of signatures to block it.

Many people are worried that the proposal would create a precedent that would allow tribes to create casinos anywhere they wanted. Many people are concerned about the social costs associated with opening tribal casinos in low-income areas. They are asking the Brown Administration to oppose any exception to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

The North Fork people and other proponents of the proposal argue that it would bring a number of benefits to the people in Madera. They pointed out that Madera is one of the states that has been hardest hit by casino online the recession and could use the business the casino would bring to the area. It would also be necessary to help improve the lives of many members of the tribe that are also struggling in the aftermath of the Great Recession.

Election officials are currently reviewing the signatures of the petition. They need to finish counting the raw signatures by next Friday. They will then begin authenticating the signatures on the petition.

The Keep Vegas-Style Casinos Out of Neighborhoods campaign claims that 800,000 people have signed the petition. The campaign claims to have received 32, 735 and 46,443 signatures from Riverside and San Bernardino County respectively. Officials in those counties have not yet confirmed those figures.