Kendall James

The California Lottery was declining for a number of years. The state’s economists are debating what impact this has had on the state. Lottery revenues finally started to increase again in 2010, which is a relief to politicians trying to stimulate California’s struggling economy.

People playing the lottery are also excited that the turnaround. The Mega Millions jackpot is higher than it has ever been before. Several weeks ago a player in San Jose purchased a winning ticket worth over $320 million.

The primary reason the lottery has started to improve is that it allocates a lower amount of money to education. The lottery was previously required to share at least 34% of its revenues with the state’s school system.

The new change has also been helpful for the state’s retailers. Convenience stores, supermarkets and other venues that sell lottery tickets have increased lottery ticket sales by 38%.

However, many experts were worried that the prizes weren’t large enough to be an incentive to players. The lottery system has had to cut some money from education to offer higher prizes.

Many experts were worried that the new system would hurt the state’s education budget. The schools have actually received more money from the lottery since 2010 as revenues increase, but some experts worry that the share to the school will continue to decrease in the future.

California Lottery spokesman Russ Lopez stated that the lottery is committed to helping the schools generate more money. The sole reason the lottery was created in 1984 was to help fund the education system. Lopez said that the 2010 change was essential to keeping the lottery alive so that they could fulfill that promise.

Kendall James
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