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Los Angeles Editorial Waves The Flag For Online Gambling

January 5th, 2018 by Marty Derbyshire

An editorial in an award-winning Los Angeles newspaper suggests California gambling laws should be relaxed to allow online gambling, among other reforms.

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Online poker is once again being debated in California. But with the two sides at a seeming impasse, a solution is unlikely unless there is a major shift.

For several years California has been the main attraction when it comes to online poker legalization, but this is changing, perhaps to California’s benefit.

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California is considering suitability language that would punish companies that offered online poker in the US from 2007-2011. Here’s why it makes no sense.

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California Online Poker Debate Will Resume In August

June 30th, 2016 by Steve Ruddock

With the California legislature set to go on break for the month of July, all unfinished business, including online poker, will have to wait until August.

A California committee is expected to vote on Adam Gray’s online poker bill tomorrow. Should it pass it will be sent to the full Assembly for consideration.

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Steve Ruddock examines whether the Pechanga coalition’s continued resistance to compromise on regulated CA online poker can be overcome by the other side.

With California’s effort to legalize online poker now reaching the decade mark, it is hard to know if progress is happening. If these 3 things occur, it is.

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Yesterday’s online poker hearing in California – and the passage of AB 2863 out of committee – is a great sign for regulation, but the work is not yet done.

Canadian officials announced insider trading charges against Amaya CEO David Baazov Wednesday, and the news could spell trouble for CA online poker efforts.