The state of Delaware passed a bill to legalize online gambling in June of 2012. The state lottery is finally taking the next step towards building a platform that would offer intrastate online gambling to its citizens.

Lottery officials have requested funding for the new technology they will need to provide online gaming services. They expect that online gaming operators will be able to offer their services by September 30. The formal request stated that the lottery will need time to design, configure, implement and test the technology needed before they can provide online gaming responsibly and securely. They believe that they can meet this schedule if they receive the necessary funding.

The lottery has stated that it needs professionals with expertise in several functions. They need someone to provide the backend technology, operations management, game content and necessary support services. Vendors must have been in business for a year and provided their services in either Europe or North America to be considered.

Delaware hopes that it can compete with Nevada Gaming in setting up an online gaming market. Nevada has already issued licenses to a number of providers seeking to offer online poker throughout the state. The state lottery hopes that it will be able to provide online gaming throughout the state by the time the first real money poker site becomes fully operational in Nevada.
The Delaware and Nevada gaming communities are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to be able to play their favorite casino games over the Internet. However, they are also concerned that the federal government has failed to make any progress passing a bill that would regulate interstate online gaming. Experts are concerned that neither state has enough citizens to create a sustainable market for online gaming.