The Poker Players Alliance announced that the Department of Justice completed its audit of Full Tilt Poker yesterday. The report stated that the DOJ will be releasing $82 million in funds to approximately 30,000 former Full Tilt Poker players.

The PPA report is considered credible because it has been working closely with the DOJ during the whole remissions process. The PPA said that the Garden City Group, the administrator of the Full Tilt accounts, will probably issue another report within the next day or two.

John Pappas, head of the PPA, said that this is encouraging news for the 30,000 players that lost money with Full Tilt. These players have been waiting nearly three years for compensation. However, some players are still waiting for their remissions requests to be approved. Pappas said that the PPA will continue working with these people to ensure they get their money back as soon as possible.

Pappas recently wrong on Two Plus Two that a number of players didn’t complete their applications properly. He said that the Garden City Group will be emailing these players shortly to make changes to their applications.

Some claims have also been disputed and can’t be paid out until they have been resolved. The Garden City Group will be emailing these players in the near future. They will have the opportunity to provide additional information to get the remissions they have applied for.

The Garden City Group still has not provided a timeline for the remissions. Players are eagerly waiting for further updates and start receiving the money they are owed.