The online poker community is encouraged by the outcome of the presidential election. President Obama and several politicians in favor of online poker have been reelected to office, which greatly increases that likelihood that an online poker bill will pass in the near future.

The gaming industry’s biggest concern was that Mitt Romney would be elected as president. The Republican platform has stated that it is committed to overturning last year’s announcement from the Justice Department which opened the door to the legalization of online gaming. President Obama hasn’t leaned one way or the other in terms of legalizing online gaming, but he casino is expected to be much more likely to sign a gaming bill than Romney would have.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senator Dean Heller were also reelected to their positions. Reid has been dedicated to legalizing online gaming in the United States and his online gaming bill is the only one that stands a realistic chance of passing a vote in the Senate. Heller has supported Reid’s bill and committed to helping him secure votes from other Republicans.


Although the outcome of the election is encouraging to poker players and gambling firms, it is still unlikely to pass anytime soon. Federal lawmakers don’t consider online gaming legislation a priority. All current bills have been stalled in both houses in Congress. Some experts argue that the best way to pass an online poker bill will be to insert it into a more important piece of legislation.

The gaming community realizes that it can’t be overly optimistic about the odds of an online gaming bill passing in the next year. However, they are relieved that key democrats are still in control. This greatly increases the chances that online poker will be regulated.