A growing number of experts believe that California lawmakers will pass a law that legalizes sports betting before the end of the year. They believe that sports betting will benefit the state’s economy and increase revenue for the state’s casinos.

Lawmakers have said that Nevada citizens wager millions of dollars on sports events. The Nevada Gaming Control Board reported that they spent nearly $100 million on this year’s Super Bowl game alone. They said that this is an opportunity that California can’t afford to ignore.

California Senator Roderick Wright is considered to be the most knowledgeable state lawmaker on the issue. Wright tried passing a bill last year that would allow race tracks, card rooms, casino and other venues to offer sports betting.

That bill was voted down by the state Senate. However, Wright believes that California should legalize sports betting online casino to help cut the deficit and bring additional revenue for social programs throughout the It’s “ = money. state. He is currently revising his bill and expects to submit it later this year. He also plans to submit a separate bill that would legalize online gambling.

Wright said that his bill would both create more revenue for the state and offer additional protections to California citizens. However, a number of lawmakers have raised concerns about Wright’s bill. Republican lawmakers believe that Wright overestimates the amount of money California can generate through sports betting. They said sports betting accounts for less than one percent of Nevada’s gambling revenues. Other lawmakers believe that Wright has a personal interest in legalizing sports betting because several racetracks in his state would be some of the largest winners.

Many experts warn that California will need to research the potential implications before deciding to support Wright’s bill. They agree that it could generate revenue, but are also concerned that it could create a number of social problems lawmakers need to be aware of. They said that the best way to determine the possible impact of sports betting would be to see how it works in the state’s card rooms.

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