888 Holdings became the first company to win a license to provide online gaming in Nevada. Some sources said that the company may be able to start providing poker as early as May. However, some experts are pessimistic about the prospects for the company.

Nevada’s law only allows gaming providers to offer online poker to their citizens. Some experts are wary that 888 will be able to generate enough revenue from it.

They are also concerned that the current gaming license only permits 888 to provide online poker within the state’s borders. Lawmakers recently revised a bill that would allow them to reach players in other jurisdictions. However, the first round of online gaming licenses has been limited to intrastate gambling. Some experts fear that 888 will not be able to reach a large enough pool of players to remain profitable.

Many insiders are more optimistic about the new legislation in New Jersey. However, the online gaming market in the Garden State isn’t very large either. The new law may help the state’s struggling casino industry, but they are unlikely to make a substantial amount of money offering intrastate gaming to the state’s 30 million citizens. They will be much more optimistic if California or Texas passes an online gaming bill because they have much larger populations. However, those states have not made much headway towards legalizing online gaming.

They believe that the news of 888’s license is not something that the gaming community should be celebrating. They are asking online poker advocates stop celebrating 888’s victory in Nevada and lobby for a federal bill that would regulate interstate gambling. An interstate bill would help 888 and other online gaming providers generate hundreds of millions of dollars.