Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have passed laws to legalize online gambling. Other states including California are considering regulating online gambling as well. Although many people are optimistic that online gambling is being legalized in the United States, others have reservations about allowing online poker to be legalized on a state-by-state basis. They feel that the federal government should intervene to create uniform laws that all states would have to abide by.

Rep. Dina Titus recently advocated for the House to hold a hearing on online gambling. Titus wrote to Fred Upton, the chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce asking to hold a hearing on online gambling as soon as possible. She warned that the federal government will have an increasingly difficult time trying to legalize online gambling as other states pass their own legislation.

Titus, Harry Reid and other lawmakers have recently pointed out that all efforts to legalize online gambling at the federal level have failed. The states have grown impatient and started moving forward with their own legislation. They feel that Congress needs to take online gaming legislation much more seriously.

Ultimate Poker became the first online poker site to go live in Nevada in April. The launch has gone smoothly so far, but some people are concerned that Nevada may face other problems when other sites are launched. New Jersey passed a bill to legalize online gambling a few months ago. The state’s online gambling sites are expected to go live the day after Thanksgiving.

Titus said that consumers are at risk if online gambling isn’t properly regulated. She insists Congress agree on a plan before online gambling is introduced in New Jersey.


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