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California Governor Jerry Brown has inked a new state gaming compact with the Fort Yuma Quechan Indian Tribe.

According to a press release from the Fort Yuma Quechan, the new compact will reduce the tribe’s revenue sharing obligations by close $4 million annually.  It also provides the right to operate additional gaming facilities and devices.

“The Quechan Indian Tribe is grateful to Governor Brown for making this agreement possible,” said Quechan President Keeny Escalanti. “This new Compact reflects the Tribe’s commitment to the State of California, our local community, and the non-gaming and limited gaming California tribes.”

The Quechan Casino Resort

The Quechan Indian Tribe owns and operates the Quechan Casino Resort in Winterhaven. The 24-hour facility features a 297,000-square-foot casino. It boasts close to 1,000 slot machines, table games, and a live poker room. The property also hosts two restaurants, a food court, and a hotel with more than 165 rooms. There is also a 20,000-square-foot event center on site.

The casino is approximately two-and-a-half hours from both San Diego and Phoenix. Plus, the Mexico-US border is just minutes away.

Additionally, the Quechan Casino Resort is just a 10-minute drive from the Paradise Casino in Yuma, Arizona. The Paradise Casino is also owned and operated by the Fort Yuma Quechan and features more than 500 slot machines.

Financial hardships lifted

The Quechan Casino had been operating under a 2006 compact amendment previously signed by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. According to the tribe, the revenue contribution provisions in the compact were onerous. In fact, the tribe claims the provisions deprived opportunities to invest in infrastructure.

The future is brighter under this new compact, Escalanti said:

“The Tribe is pleased to move forward under the favorable terms of the new Compact to more adequately provide for the Tribe while continuing to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with the State of California and our local community.

“The Tribe’s savings under the new Compact will allow the Tribe to provide critical services to its members, including education, healthcare, and housing services. In addition, the Tribe can now invest directly in the city of Winterhaven and the surrounding communities, providing added benefits to both members and non-native residents.”

The tribe says it has invested in senior and wellness centers with money generated by gaming operations.

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