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Governor Jerry Brown is a very unpredictable lawmaker. Both California lobbyists and lawmakers have a hard time knowing whether or not Brown will sign one of the bills they sponsor. The owners of the Bicycle Casino card room were skeptical that he would sign a bill to authorize construction of a new hotel at their resort. They were pleasantly surprised when he agreed to sign the bill last week. He even attended Bell Gardens in person to celebrate.

Many people didn’t expect Brown to support a card room. The governor explained that his grandfather actually owned two card rooms in San Francsico.

The Bicycle Casino will spend about $45 million building the new hotel. Brown believes the new hotel will be highly beneficial for the state’s economy. He expects it to create hundreds of jobs in the construction industry. The new hotel will also need to hire numerous people near Bell Gardens. The hotel will have 100 rooms, which should help encourage more tourists to stay in Bell Gardens. This would in turn help stimulate the rest of the city’s economy.

Brown feels the new casino is a sign that California’s economy is starting to recover from the aftermath of the Great Recession. He said the recovery appears to be gaining most momentum in smaller cities like Bell Gardens.

Bell Gardens seems to need a boost more than most other cities in California. The city has an unemployment rate of 16.3%. The unemployment rate for the rest of the state and the United States are 16.3% and 7.2% respectively. Brown believes that the government should support all efforts to foster job creation in Bell Gardens and other distressed areas throughout the state.

Source: KTLA


Kendall James
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