Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have legalized online gambling in the past year. California lawmakers have been discussing legalizing online gambling for several years, but they haven’t made much progress. However, many legal experts are becoming more confident that an online gaming bill will be passed in the near future reports SFGate.

Professor I. Nelson Rose is an expert in online gaming at Whittier Law School. Rose is a strong supporter of online gaming and expects California lawmakers want to legalize it as well. He said that political bickering among some state tribes is the only thing preventing the state legislature from passing an online gaming bill.

Many tribes are concerned that many patrons would stop visiting their casinos if they had the option to play online. Rose said that tribes have generated considerable capital from online gambling, which they have used to lobby for legislation that boosts casino online their profitability.

However, most tribes are open to legalizing online gaming as long as they are allowed a piece of the market. Rose and other experts believe that the state will eventually legalize online gaming even if it doesn’t get their support. The government could increase its revenue considerably by taxing online gambling, which could help the state reduce its sizeable debt.

Rose said that online gaming is on the horizon for the Golden State, but doesn’t expect it to be legalized this year because lawmakers are up for reelection. He predicts that lawmakers will pass a bill next year.

Jeff Ifrah is an attorney in Washington that shares Rose’s optimism. Ifrah said that rollouts in the other three states have been successful, which should encourage California lawmakers to pass a bill as well. Ifrah said that California would realize a larger return than any other state, because it has a much larger market of potential players.

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