NCLGS to Work on Uniform Online Gambling Policies

By Staff on November 28, 2013 08:04 pm

The National Council of Legislators from Gaming States is paying close attention to developments in the U.S. online gaming market. The nonpartisan group said that it is concerned that online gaming is being related purely at the state level. However, they also are skeptical that the federal government will pass legislation anytime soon. The group feels that it will need to take initiative to protect players.

Members of the NCLGS believe that the United States needs a uniform set of policies to regulate the industry without federal legislation. The group will study the online gaming industry to create a roadmap that individual states can follow. The NCLGS plans to issue a new set of proposals in 2014.

The group intends to study the industry as much as possible before making any recommendations. They will be consulting with industry leaders to see what approaches are most likely to work. They will be discussing interstate compacts casino and safeguards to prevent social risks.

Representatives from the organization hope that lawmakers from various states will take their advice to heart when passing online gaming bills. However, they are also being careful to respect state’s rights. They don’t want to pressure any state to participate in the U.S. online gaming market if they aren’t comfortable doing so.

The NCLGS realizes that it will probably be impossible to create perfectly uniform regulatory structure without a federal law. However, they also feel that social risks will be minimized if states strive to do so as much as possible. They also feel that individual states will be more likely to collaborate with each other if they have similar regulatory structures.

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