Kendall James

Assemblyman Mike Gatto introduced a new California online poker bill AB 9, The Internet Poker Consumer Protection Act of 2015. The title and language of the bill is very similar to the previously introduced Pechanga poker bill. There are several new key elements.

AB 9 would permit established California card clubs and tribes to offer online poker in the state that have operated live gaming for at least three years. This was lowered from five years in the previous draft.

Language that would restrict companies that purchased assets that would otherwise be excluded under the bad actor clause was added.  Requirements that would force players to open accounts and make first deposits at card clubs, tribal casinos or satellite offices were also added.  Large withdrawals would also be processed in person at one of these facilities.

The bill requires licensees to post a $5 million deposit and pay a tax of 5% on gross gaming revenue.

Many of the original concepts of the bill backed by Pechanga and many other California tribes remained intact.  These include problem gambling safeguards, banking policies, exclusion of casino games, and a minimum age of 21.

Read the full details of California online poker bill AB 9.

Kendall James
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