New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is set to make his budget address today. The state Senate and Assembly have agreed to meet to discuss the revised version of the online gaming bill that Christie vetoed earlier this month. Experts are optimistic that they will pass the bill and send it to Christie for final approval.

The bill includes two major changes that Christie suggested when he vetoed the original bill. The new version calls for a 10 year trial period and higher taxes on casinos providing online gaming. Christie said that he would have approved the original bill if these additions had been in there.

New Jersey would become the third state in the country to pass an online gaming bill if all lawmakers support the new legislation. New Jersey residents have conflicting opinions on the bill. A number of citizens are worried that legalizing online gambling will make it too easy for people to lose money. However, some citizens believe regulating online gaming would be beneficial to the state as a whole.

Fred Baker is one of the citizens who is hoping that online gaming will be legalized in the online casino’s next month. Baker believes that regulating the industry would bring in considerably more revenue to the state and help save New Jersey’s faltering casino industry.

Other citizens have mixed feelings about the legislation. One woman told CBS that she supports the bill overall and feels that people will need to be personally responsible for their decisions. However, she acknowledged that gambling addicts can lose their money much faster betting over the Internet than taking a trip to Atlantic City.

Experts believe the bill could be signed into law within the next month. However, they also said that it could take up to a year before New Jersey casinos are able to offer online gaming to their patrons.