Kendall James

People seem to have mixed feelings about gambling. Many people enjoy the possibility that they can win money. They also love the thrill of gambling. They also seem to be terrified of the risk at the same time.

However, a new study seems to indicate that people’s views of gambling may be more complex than previously believed. This study shows that people are much more likely to bet online when they are told that they are visiting a “gaming” rather than a “gambling” site.

The study was conducted by Ashlee Humphreys and Kathryn A. LaTour, research professors of Northwestern University and Cornell University respectively. The authors wrote that the industry can change the name to cater to their customers more easily. Humphreys and LaTour said that the industry already seems to have picked up on this distinction in customers mind.

The reason customers seem to shun gambling isn’t because it carries a risk of losing money. It is because it has a connotation to crime and unethical conduct. However, customers associate the word gaming with fun and entertainment.

Consumers aren’t the only ones who seem to make a subconscious distinction between the two terms. The authors of this study reviewed publications from the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and other leading newspapers and magazines. They found that these sites tended to use the term “gambling” when they were referencing Black Friday, money laundering or high profile fraud cases. However, they typically used the term online gaming when covering the industry in a more positive light.

This study was recently published in Science Daily. It covers the entire spectrum of the way consumers think about online gambling.

Kendall James
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