The state of New Jersey passed a law that regulates online gambling last month. The state is currently drafting regulations for the newly legalized industry. However, experts have observed that online gambling is already well established and the system will be similar to the state’s current model.

New Jersey already has an online betting system for people who want to place wagers on horse races. According to a report from the state’s Sports and Exposition Authority, online and phone bets constitute nearly $100 million in 2012. The state’s casinos will probably use a similar infrastructure to provide other forms of gambling.

Recent polls suggest that figure will increase significantly in the coming months. These polls found that a significant number of citizens chose not to casino place horse racing bets over the Internet because they believed it was illegal to do so. Only 10% of citizens believed that it was legal to place bets over the Internet and nearly four times as many believed it was illegal to do so. Experts found that online wagers have suffered considerably due to lack of awareness and clarity of the laws surrounding online betting.

They suggest that the industry and regulators will need to conduct more outreach to encourage people to understand the legality of online gambling. Most citizens already know that Governor Christie signed a bill that legalizes online gambling. These citizens will probably be more inclined to use real money gambling sites in the future.

The citizens who have used online betting services have said that it is much simpler and more convenient than placing bets at racetracks. This suggests that there is a strong demand for other forms of online gambling in the Garden State.


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