Bitcoins have been a game changer for many ecommerce businesses. The online poker industry has been affected by the virtual currency more than most other industries. A number of online poker officials will be participating at a bitcoin conference in London next week.

The conference is an invite-only event. More than 200 people are traveling from three different continents to attend the conference and discuss the role bitcoins will play in the future. Topics will cover the impact bitcoins will have on ecommerce, regulatory challenges and consumer faith in the virtual currency.

Although the conference will not center on the online poker industry, it will have implications for many online gaming providers. A number of online poker sites allow players to play with bitcoins and some sites actually require players to use the virtual currency.

Bitcoins allow people to play poker anonymously and avoid paying taxes on their winnings. These are two of the reasons the United States and other governments around the world want to regulate the virtual currency. The United States Department of Homeland Security seized the largest bitcoin company in the world last month. DHS officials and other law enforcement professionals are concerned the bitcoins can be used to launder money.

The online poker industry is encouraged that bitcoins are becoming increasingly popular. The digital currency gives them access to a larger base of players who want to avoid taxation and play in jurisdictions where online gaming is illegal. However, they may not have that advantage in the near future if regulators decide to pass stricter laws on it.