Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been struggling to pass a bill that would legalize online poker during the lame duck session. According to reporters from the Las Vegas Review Journal and CSpan, the senator appears to be more pessimistic that his online poker bill will be passed during the final days of the session. He didn’t say that the bill he co-authored with Senator Jon Kyl is dead for the year, but his implications were clear to many observers on Capitol Hill.

Reid has previously stated that his biggest concern was getting enough support from Republican lawmakers to pass the bill. However, online casino he has recently stated that garnering support from Republican lawmakers isn’t the only issue that needs to be addressed. He said that even if they can get everyone to support online poker legislation it may be impossible to find a realistic way to implement a regulated online gambling industry.

His comments were particularly discouraging to many people in the gaming industry. They were becoming more optimistic that Congress has a chance to pass the online poker bill as Nevada Senator Dean Heller said that he had gained more support from Republican lawmakers.

Reid acknowledged the fact that Heller and Kyl were able to gain more support their party. However, he said that it may be too late to pass the bill this close to Christmas.

Many experts were surprised that he was so pessimistic when his bill appears to finally have the support it needs to pass. However, many of the bill’s opponents are relieved by his announcement. They believe that Reid and Kyl will be more likely to revise the bill after the New Year when they aren’t acting in such haste.

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