Federal Rep. Peter King has recently proposed a new bill to legalize online gambling. Senators Harry Reid and Jon Kyl tried passing a bill last year that would have legalized online poker. King’s bill is much more extensive and would legalize all forms of online gambling except sports betting. Reid fears the new bill would threaten the legalization of online poker.

Harry Reid said that many lawmakers are still opposed to online gambling. He tried to compromise with them by restricting his bill to online poker.

Reid is pessimistic that King’s bill will pass in either House. He was unable to garner the support needed to pass his online poker bill last year. He said in a recent interview that King will be fighting an uphill battle as he tries to pass his online gambling bill.

The Senate Majority Leader still believes it is possible to pass a bill that will regulate online poker. However, he doesn’t believe that any of the new bills will be passed.

Reid has casino pa natet become increasingly discouraged about legalizing online poker. He collaborated with Jon Kyl and fellow Nevada Senator Dean Heller to gain support from Republican lawmakers last year. Their efforts fell short and the bill died after the lame duck session.

Reid acknowledges that the timing of his bill was not ideal. He introduced it near election season and tried to hastily push it through Congress shortly thereafter. However, he is concerned about the lack of progress over the past few months. He feels that federal lawmakers will need to introduce a bill that has a more realistic chance of being passed.

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