Kendall James

Last week a number of people claimed that Sheldon Adelson, the head of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, had suddenly become a proponent for online gambling legislation. Many online gambling advocates were ecstatic to hear these rumors, even though they knew they had not been substantiated. Adelson is one of the few casino moguls who is opposed to online gambling legislation. However, he is also the wealthiest with a net worth of $26.5 billion.

A Las Vegas Sands representative said that those rumors were completely untrue. The online gaming community was discouraged when they heard that Adelson does not actually support online gambling legislation after all.

They were also very surprised by the announcement. A number of very well respected media outlets reported Adelson’s newfound support for online gambling. They reported that Adelson had started to support a new online gambling bill that Senator Harry Reid was authoring. The details of this bill have not even been released to the public. However, some people believed that Adelson had seen it and thought that it might be a good law to support.

Adelson has been lobbying against online gambling legislation for years. He reportedly pledged to pay up to $100 million to Newt Gingrich during the last election. He has also lobbied for numerous other Republican lawmakers to vote against online gambling legislation.

The poker community has been trying to convert Adelson to their side. They threatened to boycott his Venetian casinos until he decided to change his mind. They said that they will continue to do so until he agrees to at least take a neutral stance on the issue.


Kendall James
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