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The GOP has not been the biggest supporter of online poker. Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson has endorsed a number of Republican lawmakers in the past to help ban online poker. He had paid about $150 million to Republican campaigns in the last election to further his cause. However, some prominent Republicans have surprisingly shown sudden support for the movement to legalize online gaming.

Some Republican lawmakers recently formed a new group known as the Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection (C4COP). Members of this new lobbying group include former members of Congress such as Mary Bono Mack and Mike Oxley.

Oxley said that banning online poker was a very bad idea. He said that it hasn’t discouraged Americans from playing online poker or casino games. Rather, the ban has created a black market and many Americans are using unregulated, foreign gaming sites. He said that the government should create a new online gaming market and make sure that operators are held to strict standards to protect customers.

The founders said that the new group is committed to protecting the millions of stakeholders that would be affected by an online gaming ban. The group is composed of lawmakers, business leaders and members of the gaming industry. The members intend to combat any claims that Adelson and his lobbying team will make.

Adelson has been the biggest opponent of online gambling. He is one of the 20 richest people in the United States, which means that he has considerable influence in Washington. Proponents of online gambling will need to make their arguments equally persuasive to discourage lawmakers from revising the Wire Act to ban all forms of online gambling.