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A Whittier Law School professor, author, and one of the world’s top experts on gambling and the law is predicting online poker will boom again.

Encino’s I. Nelson Rose wrote in his syndicated Gambling and the Law column June 4 that online poker will see a boom as a result of the May 14 Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision to lift a federal ban on sports betting.

Rose listed several winners coming out of the SCOTUS decision to repeal the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). PASPA was the federal law preventing states from legalizing any form of sports betting not in place prior to 1991. It left Nevada as the only state with full-scale sports wagering.

Online poker makes sports betting winners’ list

Rose’ list of winners includes:

  • New Jersey and other states interested in legalizing sports betting
  • Indian gaming tribes who hold gambling monopolies protected by tribal-state gaming compacts
  • Professional and collegiate sports leagues seeing a boost in interest
  • Legal bookmakers in other countries
  • Politicians and lobbyists
  • Internet poker

Regarding online poker specifically, Rose wrote that a boom is coming once state lawmakers see what is possible:

“Internet poker will see a boom. Pres. Obama’s Department of Justice and federal courts have ruled that the Wire Act is limited to wagers on sports events and races. But all states, other than Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, have been slow to recognize that all other forms of gambling can, with a little creative legal work, be conducted with bettors in different states and even nations.

“Once state lawmakers realize that the door really is wide open, they will look for more online gaming to authorize and tax.”

Sports betting losers include Nevada casinos

Of course, Rose also identified several parties he feels will be negatively impacted by the SCOTUS decision.

Rose’ list of losers includes:

  • Nevada casinos and sportsbook operators
  • Fantasy sports operators
  • Illegal bookies

Rose concluded his column saying that by the beginning of 2020, more than a dozen states will have full-scale legal sports betting. However, he wrote not many will pass sports betting legislation prior to November 2018 because the SCOTUS decision came in the middle of an election year.

Finally, he suggested the Supreme Court will need to address whether sports betting should be considered legal on the phone and online.

Rose’ syndicated column is available on his Gambling and the Law website, in addition to several hard copy and online publications, including:

  • iGaming Business
  • Casino City Times
  • American Casino Guide
  • UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research

An expert on gambling and the law

Rose is a University of California at Los Angeles and Harvard Law School graduate. He is a fully tenured law professor at Whittier Law School and a visiting professor of Gaming Law at University of Macau.

Additionally, Rose has worked as a consultant to various governments and gaming industry clients on gambling issues. Among his claims to fame, Rose helped bring Texas Hold ’em to California cardrooms through testimony to the California Legislature in the 1980s.

He has also written several books considered to be among the best resources available on gambling and the law, including:

  • Gambling and the Law (1986)
  • Internet Gaming Law (2005)
  • Gambling Law in a Nutshell (2012)
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