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The 66-year-old owner of a San Diego card room will spend three years in jail and be forced to pay back $222,834 he earned running an illegal bookmaking operation after being sentenced on federal racketeering charges this week.

Federal prosecutors say Sanders Bruce Segal earned the money through bookmaking, money laundering, and collecting unlawful debts out of the card room operation.

Segal owns the Lucky Lady Casino and Card Room on El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego’s College Area. Card rooms are one of just a handful of legal gambling operations in California. They can legally offer peer-to-peer poker games like Texas Hold’em or Omaha. State law dictates they can offer other casino-style card games. However, those games must be banked by players rather than the house.

Both Segal and his son, Sydney Bruce Segal, 34, plead guilty last August to engaging in a racketeering conspiracy that operated for years out of the Lucky Lady.

The illegal bookmaking operation

The pair admitted to participating in an international racketeering enterprise through which they regularly engaged in bookmaking, transmitting wagering information, money laundering, and collecting unlawful debts.

Now, the Lucky Lady is a legitimate and licensed gambling establishment. However, between 2013 and 2016, it was also a front for the Segals’ Lucky Lady Sports Book illegal bookmaking operation.

The younger Segal worked in the card room cage. He mixed cash from the legal card room operation in with the proceeds from the illegal sports betting ring. Plus, he maintained financial and win/loss records. He agreed to forfeit $10,000 earned while participating in the operation.

The older Segal led and organized the illegal sports book. He directed other members of the organization to use offshore gambling websites to place bets on behalf of his customers. Additionally, he worked on collections involving the transfer of large sums of cash involved in the bookmaking operation. According to prosecutors, he received 10 percent of the profits earned by the illegal sports bets along with other financial benefits.

Eleven others pleaded guilty to federal charges as a result of the federal investigation into the sports book. Additionally, two others, Stanley Samuel Penn and David Greg Leppo, await trial on racketeering conspiracy and operating an illegal gambling business charges.

Card room raided

More than 100 FBI agents and San Diego police raided The Lucky Lady Casino and Card Room in July 2016. At that time, they arrested nine people and seized paperwork and documents from the business.

The raid was the result of a joint investigation between the FBI and San Diego police. The investigation began in 2014. It combined coordinated efforts in California, Nevada, and Kentucky, according to the US Attorney’s Office in San Diego.


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