The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians recently announced that it has hired Matthew Cullen, the former Business Development & Strategy Executive of iGaming, to serve as their new CEO. Cullen has been an executive in the entertainment and online gaming field since 1995, which will make him a valuable member of the team. Carla Rodriguez, the tribal chairwoman, said that San Manuel Digital, LLC looks forward to working with him.

Cullen served as the president of RocketPlay, a social gaming company. He was the executive responsible for developing the RocketPlay’s business strategy on Facebook and mobile devices. He collaborated with Pitango Venture Capital to raise capital. He was also responsible for overseeing mergers and acquisitions and forging new partnerships with other social gaming companies.

Cullen has been an industry leader for over 20 years, but he has shaped the industry outside his formal roles as well. He is one of the founders and board members of the casino online International Social Games Association. The new organization was formed last September when the Social Gaming Association and the International Social Games Coalition decided to pool resources. The ISGA has represented a number of social gaming companies and helped educate citizens and lawmakers about the industry.

Cullen said that working in the digital gaming industry has always been a great passion. He feels that his new role with San Manuel Digital will be a great opportunity. He said that the company is working on a number of groundbreaking projects in the online gaming space. He will be fully committed to serving his new employer.

While Cullen has been most influential in the digital gaming and entertainment vertical, he has participated in a number of other related industries. He has participated in a number of startups ranging from real estate service providers to search engines. Rodriguez and her colleagues feel that his unique experiences enable him to bring unique insights to San Manuel Digital.

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