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California Online Poker emailed all California Senate candidates with contact information listed on their campaign websites on October 3, 2014.  We were able to contact 35 of the 40 candidates through email.  Two returned our request for their position on California online poker regulation.  Below are the responses in their entirety.

Senator Andy Vidak is a republican representing the 14th District.  He is the incumbent.  Below is his response to our inquiry:

While federal regulation of online poker would provide more consistent application of rules and protections, it is unlikely that the federal government will take this step anytime soon. Nor would the federal government likely share revenues with the states.

Three states – Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada – have already established state-regulated i-poker. It would benefit California to do the same.

California is estimated to be home to millions of i-poker players who previously used now-illegal off-shore websites. Some are still playing on these websites with no protections and with no revenues going to the state.

Stated-regulated i-poker in California should be established as a level playing field, allowing tribes, horseracing and cardrooms to participate should they choose. It should not be set-up to provide a monopoly to any particularly group or industry.

Ruth Musser-Lopez is a democratic candidate for State Senate District 16.  Below is the response we received:

Just like recreational marijuana, online poker should not be treated like a violent crime and we should learn from the lessons learned in states where it is legal. Personal recreation in the privacy of one’s own home is one thing…when recreation impacts others then there should be rules. Fees to cover the cost of enforcement is next…all job creators greasing the wheels of the economy.

If any California Senate candidates or campaigns would like their position published here, please contact us at [email protected]

John Mehaffey
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