Kendall James

California lawmakers, tribal leaders and card room operators are currently negotiating the future of online poker via two bills: AB 2291 and SB 1366. While they are still ironing out some of the details, it is clear that the majority of stakeholders feel that online poker should be legalized. A new poll by the Coalition for Consumer & Online Protection (C4COP) shows that their sentiments are shared by the majority of California citizens.

The new poll was conducted by Tulchin Research, a national polling and strategic consulting firm based in San Francisco. Tulchin called 800 California residents to discuss their feelings about online poker. The survey shows that 68% of Californians feel that online poker should be regulated. Only 27% of the respondents felt that online poker should be banned.

The findings were released last Thursday. The California Assembly hosted the iGaming hearing in Sacramento the previous day to discuss the implications of legalizing online poker. Over 30 members testified before the committee. While the overall sentiments seemed to favor legalizing online poker, some experts still raised concerns that could deter lawmakers from passing an online poker bill. The recent study should encourage them to pass a bill that is in line with the feelings of their constituents.

Although with a slim chance of passing, federal lawmakers are reviewing bills that would restore the Wire Act and effectively ban all forms of online gambling. Sheldon Adelson is trying to promote the effort to ban online gambling. Online gambling advocates are trying to counter his arguments and encourage lawmakers to vote against the Restoration of America’s Wire Act. They hope polls showing that the majority of Americans favor online gambling will help.

Kendall James
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