A number of parties have raised some objections to Harry Reid’s online poker bill. The most vocal critics of the bill are Native American tribes.

According to the Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians Gaming Commission, the bill will infringe on the rights of most tribes. According to the chairman of the commission, Michael Lombardi, any tribe that supports the bill will probably be shunned by the others.

Although the tribes are among the most outspoken critics of the bill, there are a number of others who have spoken out against it as well. A number of representatives have said that the bill is biased in favor of Sen. Reid’s home state of Nevada.

Delaware lawmakers are particularly upset by the terms of the new bill. The bill would prohibit all forms of online gaming except poker and horse betting. Delaware has spent a considerable amount of time and resources passing a bill that would legalize various forms of online gaming.

New Jersey lawmakers are also working on a bill that would legalize online gaming. New Jersey senator Raymond Lesniak is working on passing a bill that would legalize intrastate online gaming. He has urged all of his colleagues to vote against the bill, stating that it would limit economic growth and hamper job creation for his state.

Experts still expect that online gaming will be legalized in the United States in the coming months. However, Reid may have a difficult time passing the bill in its current form as it faces considerable opposition from a number of key stakeholders.