The Pascua Yaqui tribe in Southern Arizona has started offering Internet gambling through its casino’s website. The tribe is the first in the state and possibly the first in the country to give players the opportunity to gamble online. The tribe has given players the opportunity to play poker, roulette, blackjack and slots.

Players can’t play for cash, because Arizona still has not passed a bill that legalizes online gaming. However, the tribe will probably consider offering play for cash games if the legislation changes.

Roy Corby, chief operating officer of the Pascua Yaqui Casino, said that the games are a good start. Corby believes that the state will pass a bill that legalizes online gaming in the near future. They want to be positioned to be the first tribe to profit off of the state’s online gaming legislation when it passes. He said that the tribe wants to offer its services to its players now so they will be more inclined to pay for online gaming in the future.

Mark Brnovich is the head of the state’s gaming regulator. Brnovich indicated that he isn’t too pleased with the tribe’s decision. However, he said that he can’t do much since the tribe isn’t technically breaking any laws.

Brnovich’s isn’t concerned with the fact that the tribe is offering online gaming services. He is more worried about the fact that the tribe will be offering those services for money if an online gaming bill is passed. He would prefer that the regulator and casinos acclimate to an online gaming law at the same time. However, the tribe’s casino will have a head start and Brnovich will have to spend time catching up to them.

Brnovich and Corby do agree on one thing. Online poker legislation appears to be on the horizon and there isn’t much that opponents can do to stop it from progressing.