Win-River Casino Resort recently announced that it has banned smoking inside its establishment. While the new policy may be an inconvenience to some of its customers, the casino said that it will create a healthier atmosphere for patrons and employees.

The smoke-free policy was implemented on March 14. Gary Hayward, General Manager of Win-River, said that employee health is one of the casino’s top priorities. He said that the company is pushing to promote weight loss, fitness and other wellness programs. The management felt that allowing smoking on the premises undermined their wellness goals, which prompted them to create the new policy.

Many patrons also appear to appreciate the new policy. Scott Weston, an Oakland resident, intends to visit the casino now that smoking has been banned.

Hayward said that the prevalence of smoking has decreased significantly in recent years. Even during the busiest hours, only about 13% of casino patrons are smokers. However, Win-River wants to make sure that all of its customers are happy. Hayward said that the casino casino online will provide outdoor areas that smokers can still use. Patrons will be able to hold their machines and table spots while they go out to smoke.

Tribal businesses are not subject to state laws barring indoor smoking, but many of them are still imposing nonsmoking policies. Narinder Dhaliwal of the California”s Clean air Project, said that the Redding Rancharia tribe recognizes the importance of protecting the health of its employees and customers. Dhaliwal said that many customers are clearly worried about the consequences of second-hand smoke. She expects that the decision to go smoke-free will draw more patrons to tribal casinos.


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