500 Club Casino

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500 Clovis Avenue
Clovis, CA 93612

The 500 Club Casino is located northwest of Fresno.  The card club offers poker and table games, including blackjack and Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

The 500 Club Casino poker room spreads 12 tables.  No Limit Texas Hold’em is the most popular game.  Limits up to 5/10 are offered on a regular basis.  Fixed Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and Fixed Limit Omaha High/Low may also be found at 500 Club.

500 Club Tournaments

500 Club spreads four tournaments each week.  All tournaments are No Limit Texas Hold’em:

  • Sundays at noon – $65
  • Mondays at 10am – $40
  • Tuesdays at 6pm – $65
  • Thursdays at 10am – $29

The 2 Pair Magazine poker tour has a stop at 500 Club.  The series is held in December and offers No Limit Texas Hold’em and Omaha High/Low.

500 Club Poker Promotions

Weekend High Hand Bonus

Every Saturday and Sunday between 2am and 2pm there is a high hand bonus.  Any full house or better wins cash.  Both hole cards must be used.  The payouts are as follows:

  • Full House: $50
  • Quad twos through jacks: $100
  • Quad queens or better: $200
  • Straight Flush: $300
  • Royal Flush: Progressive jackpot that starts at $300

Graveyard High Hand Bonus

Graveyard players on weekdays will compete for high hand prizes between 2am and 10am.  The best poker hand will win cash.  The amount depends on the hour.

  • 3am – $50
  • 4am – $75
  • 5am – $100
  • 6am – $75
  • 7am – $100
  • 8am – $100
  • 9am – $100
  • 10am – $100

Omaha Bad Beat Bonus

Omaha players qualify for a Bad Beat Jackpot.  A total of $5,000 is awarded when a player loses quad 10’s or better.  The loser of the hand wins $2,000, the winning hand receives $1,000 and all other Omaha players seated in any game at the time receive an equal share of $2,000.

Texas Hold’em Bad Beat Jackpots

There are two separate Texas Hold’em Bad Beat Jackpots.  Both require the winning and losing player to use both hole cards to qualify.

The main jackpot is $20,000 and requires a player to lose four of a kind or straight flush.  The losing hand wins $8,000, while the winning hand receives $4,000.  All Texas Hold’em players seated in any game receive an equal share of the remaining $8,000.

The mini-jackpot requires a player to lose aces full of 10’s or better.  The loser receives $900, while the winner receive $600.  There is no table share for the mini-jackpot.

Royal Flush Jackpot

A player that makes a Royal Flush in Texas Hold’em will win a progressive jackpot.  There is a separate prize for each suit.  The jackpot resets to $300 when hit and progresses $100 each day until it is hit.  Players must use both hole cards to qualify for the Royal Flush jackpot.